Patrick Osterman

Patrick Osterman

     I had the privilege to have a one-on-one interview with Patrick Osterman of Georgia Southern Media Relations Department. Osterman has been the Assistant Athletic Director in charge of Athletic Media Relations since 2004 . He received his Undergraduate Degree in Public Relations from University Northern Iowa. Osterman began his career in 1994  as a student assistant for UNI Sports Information Office. He laterreceived a Masters Degree in Athletic Administration from Gonzaga University. Osterman serves as the primary publicist for the Georgia Southern football and baseball teams while overseeing the day-to-day athletic media relations department operations.

     I started by asking Pat what a typical week in his profession was like. He chuckled and informed me that there is a typical week in his field of work. He did enlighten me what last week was like for the Assistant AD/Media Relations. He published many press releases, the most important one being the resignation of GSU Head Men’s basketball coach. He frantically was preparing for the Blue and White Spring game that took place on Saturday. He had a new assistant start last Monday. It was quite a week for Pat. Osterman stressed that his main duty each and every week is to get the word out to the media about updates in Eagle athletics.

      I asked Osterman what was project that he is proud of making. He quickly  said the GSU Football Media Guides. A lot of hard work and time is put into those guides and they are huge money maker for hard core fans, boosters and incoming recruits for the next season. He also told me that he is very proud of the Live Streaming of athletic events that can be watched on line just in case Mom and Dad could not make it to the game or meet. Osterman is working hard to enhance to fan experience and to keep up with the multimedia.

     I asked Pat if writing was an important part of his career. He explained to me that it is the basis of his job. Not only does it reflect his words and thoughts, Osterman’s writing is a reflection of his department, his profession, and of his university. If one does not have the correct writing skills, then a PR professional can quickly embarrass his or herself and simultaneously embarrass his or her company.

     I asked Pat to give me three tips he would offer to a person starting in PR. The first was, “Time Management.” The majority of his job is completing a multiple tasks in different sports in a small amount of time. Second was, “Communication.” Pat said that it is not only important to write well to communicate to the public but to be able to talk well and clearly to his staff and other media sources. Pat’s third tip was, “Personality.” Pat stressed that personality reflects how you spend your time and how well you can communicate with others. He said that a positive personality can also get your named spread around and remembered by important names in the PR field.

      Pat explained to me how he keeps in touch with the PR community, “Easy, just read whats going on.” Osterman says that he closely examines not only his own media and publications but other universities as well. It is important to know what works and what doesn’t work when informing the public. watching and learning is how a PR pro becomes successful.

      Finally, I asked Patrick how technology affects his day to day work. He said that technology affects him daily. Pat explained that just in fifteen years of working in media relations, techonolgy is like “night and day.” The drastic change in technology has forced him to constantly update his knowledge of new technology.

      Patrick Osterman gave me a first look at the field of Public Relations. My experience with him has jump started my curiosity and urge to further pursue a career in Public/Media Relations. Patrick’s character and demand to impress has inspired to take on the PR profession. It was honor to speak and learn from such a gifted man in the PR industry.    

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48 Hours ….of Twitter

After spending 48 on Twitter, I was able assess what i now felt about Twitter compared to when I first wrote about it. When I first started out on Twitter, I was lost and confused at this new social network. I have to admit that I did not give it much attention after we were required to observe it. But I have recently began to get back in touch with the Twitter World again. I learned that that regardless if I enjoy Twitter, I am going to have to be apart on way or the other. It has become such a powerful network and process to communicate. With famous people openly using Twitter, celebrities and athletes are only a click away. It has remapped the way we communicate and the way we interact on the Internet. That was something that I did not see coming when  I first wrote about Twitter. Twitter is now on the tip of every ones tongue. Twitter has established its-self as powerhouse and it happened very fast. What surprises me the most is that Twitter has now forced kids to be on constant alert of what everyone is feeling and what is happening in the news. Twitter is becoming more reliable for answers then the news and even search engines like Google.

What I think I would like to know more about Twitter would have to be how everyone is constantly on line Tweeting everyone all the time. I don’t have the time to keep up to date with what is new on Twitter and what is new in the world. I guess I need to  discipline myself to stay in touch with what is new and what is going on in the world. But I agree that Twitter helps many of our youth with constant current event knowledge.

I honestly have not been keeping up to date with any PR pros on Twitter. If I do use it I only Tweet my friends or if i have a question. I now know how important it is to utilize Twitter for the benefit of me and my future in PR.

You can find me on Twitter @carterjones

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Wag the Dog

       Wag the Dog gave a showed a clever but  corrupt side of  how public relations and our government works together. It showed me how much U.S. citizens trust their government and how easily manipulated we all are into believing that our government is looking out for the well being of every citizen. The power is in the hands of our media and the value orientation of the PR practitioner controlling that media, decides what we see and hear and ultimately decides what we believe is the truth.

     Robert Deniro, the PR practitioner in the movie, is a situationist where that he bases his decision on what would cause the least harm or the most good. For example, when he first receives the news about the president’s sexual situation, he weakens the situation about the girl scout and strengthens the situation about a war with a innocent country. Even though the war was made up to cover the president’s ass, the situation of the war effected to the U.S. citzens much more than the president fooling around with a Fire Fly Girl.

     The most obvious reason on why Deniro was unethical in the movie, would be the fact that the whole movie was a lie. He not only lied to the press, and government officials, he also was unfair to the audience watching and believing that the United States was at war and that their patriotism was true and honorable.

    The Government is a power figure in this country. And as U.S. citizens, we believe that the government has the power to do all things and is knowledgeable of everything. When sex scandal in the movie occurred the government could not handle it on its own and needed one man to fix the situation. The man, Deniro, represents the tail of the dog (the dog being the government).  Deniro was more knowledgeable about the situation and wagged  the government until the situation was resolved.

   I felt like PR was poorly represented in this movie. The most obvious stereotype would be that Public Relation practitioners are all involved with the government and help the cover up presidential scandals and fabricate war with poor Middle Eastern countries to cover up certain governmental screw ups. The movie negatively displayed how the government, Hollywood, and PR work together to control believes of the American nation. The movie was entertaining and interesting but PR  and the government was negatively depicted in the film.

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The Era’s of Public Relations

It was interesting for me to learn more about a subject that I was still unfamiliar with. Public relations seems like a new work field but I have learned through class discussions that the field of public relations is not so modern. I learned that PR dates all the way back to the first press conferences of Teddy Roosevelt. It was interesting to learn that because of the fast advances in technology, led to a demand of an enhancement of the personal public image. Technology provided a face with a name  for the public to see. T.V. and movies werethe major platforms for a development of a public image. There for the public relation profession began.

    What surprised me the most about some of the information acquired about PR, was that women are the dominate sex of PR. I always imagined PR professionals to be a bunch of crusty old men who knew a bunch of other crusty old men and they were nice and could make you look good. But after reading about professionals in the field and seeing their faces and hearing their points of views on certain topics, it made me think of PR in new ways. PR is better the the news because it cleans up the messes and lies that many news networks feed to the public. And I respect the profession because just as good as a PR company can make you look good, they can make you look just as bad if necessary.

What intrestes me the most and what i would like to learn more about is the future of PR. Technology is moving at an incrediable rate and people recieve their information in so many different forms. I am curious to see what major communication sources lie ahead in just ten years from now. The possibilities are endless.

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My Experience with Twitter

     Being a big fan of Facebook and Myspace, it was hard for me to branch out into a new social networking system that I was very unfamiliar with. Twitter was uncharted territory for guy like me who’s day consist of football workouts in the morning, class until late afternoon, and finally some sleep. Not mention I have to eat some were in between. The aspects of my day hardly intrigue me, let alone someone else being interested in my boring schedule. I only check my Facebook maybe twice a day and I rarely have a new status (update) beside my name. So for me to join a social network that only consists of random updates through out the day does not amuse a guy like me. But when I ventured out side of just the assignment required for class, I began to see the importance of a network like this. There aren’t many fancy designs and cool hip songs. There aren’t any race car games or tagged photos. Twitter is a network for future communication in the business world. It allows college students to venture away from the simplicity and jargon of Facebook, Myspace, and even text messaging to establish contacts with real business men and women and formulate some kind of understanding of what the technology of the working class today. No longer is it mail, but E-mail. No longer is phone calls but text messages. And no longer is it wall posts, but blog posts. The way this genertation recieves its information has taken on new forms and new faces and the future training to prepare students for the new face and form of the working class is Twitter. 

Carter Jones

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