Posted by: cj00228 | May 2, 2009

The Office

There is only one show that I constantly keep up with on prime time Thursday night. That show is The Office on NBC. The Office is a spin off of an older sit-com that aired on BBC in Europe. The show’s hero/clown is Regional Manager Micheal Scott of Dunder Mifflen Paper Supply played by comedian Steve Carrell. Micheal Scott is not your typical paper supply manger. He is also ignorant, rude, perverted, stupid, and irresponsible. His humor is a culmination of stupidity and awkwardness. There is only one word to describe Micheal Scott…Idiot. But it is how he and the rest of the office join together to create a unique and hilarious representation of what day to day office life is like. I dare you to watch it but be careful, the show is quite addicting.


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