Posted by: cj00228 | April 30, 2009

One on One With Patrick Osterman: The Words behind Eagle Athletic Media

Patrick Osterman

Patrick Osterman

     I had the privilege to have a one-on-one interview with Patrick Osterman of Georgia Southern Media Relations Department. Osterman has been the Assistant Athletic Director in charge of Athletic Media Relations since 2004 . He received his Undergraduate Degree in Public Relations from University Northern Iowa. Osterman began his career in 1994  as a student assistant for UNI Sports Information Office. He laterreceived a Masters Degree in Athletic Administration from Gonzaga University. Osterman serves as the primary publicist for the Georgia Southern football and baseball teams while overseeing the day-to-day athletic media relations department operations.

     I started by asking Pat what a typical week in his profession was like. He chuckled and informed me that there is a typical week in his field of work. He did enlighten me what last week was like for the Assistant AD/Media Relations. He published many press releases, the most important one being the resignation of GSU Head Men’s basketball coach. He frantically was preparing for the Blue and White Spring game that took place on Saturday. He had a new assistant start last Monday. It was quite a week for Pat. Osterman stressed that his main duty each and every week is to get the word out to the media about updates in Eagle athletics.

      I asked Osterman what was project that he is proud of making. He quickly  said the GSU Football Media Guides. A lot of hard work and time is put into those guides and they are huge money maker for hard core fans, boosters and incoming recruits for the next season. He also told me that he is very proud of the Live Streaming of athletic events that can be watched on line just in case Mom and Dad could not make it to the game or meet. Osterman is working hard to enhance to fan experience and to keep up with the multimedia.

     I asked Pat if writing was an important part of his career. He explained to me that it is the basis of his job. Not only does it reflect his words and thoughts, Osterman’s writing is a reflection of his department, his profession, and of his university. If one does not have the correct writing skills, then a PR professional can quickly embarrass his or herself and simultaneously embarrass his or her company.

     I asked Pat to give me three tips he would offer to a person starting in PR. The first was, “Time Management.” The majority of his job is completing a multiple tasks in different sports in a small amount of time. Second was, “Communication.” Pat said that it is not only important to write well to communicate to the public but to be able to talk well and clearly to his staff and other media sources. Pat’s third tip was, “Personality.” Pat stressed that personality reflects how you spend your time and how well you can communicate with others. He said that a positive personality can also get your named spread around and remembered by important names in the PR field.

      Pat explained to me how he keeps in touch with the PR community, “Easy, just read whats going on.” Osterman says that he closely examines not only his own media and publications but other universities as well. It is important to know what works and what doesn’t work when informing the public. watching and learning is how a PR pro becomes successful.

      Finally, I asked Patrick how technology affects his day to day work. He said that technology affects him daily. Pat explained that just in fifteen years of working in media relations, techonolgy is like “night and day.” The drastic change in technology has forced him to constantly update his knowledge of new technology.

      Patrick Osterman gave me a first look at the field of Public Relations. My experience with him has jump started my curiosity and urge to further pursue a career in Public/Media Relations. Patrick’s character and demand to impress has inspired to take on the PR profession. It was honor to speak and learn from such a gifted man in the PR industry.    


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