Posted by: cj00228 | April 23, 2009

48 Hours ….of Twitter

After spending 48 on Twitter, I was able assess what i now felt about Twitter compared to when I first wrote about it. When I first started out on Twitter, I was lost and confused at this new social network. I have to admit that I did not give it much attention after we were required to observe it. But I have recently began to get back in touch with the Twitter World again. I learned that that regardless if I enjoy Twitter, I am going to have to be apart on way or the other. It has become such a powerful network and process to communicate. With famous people openly using Twitter, celebrities and athletes are only a click away. It has remapped the way we communicate and the way we interact on the Internet. That was something that I did not see coming when  I first wrote about Twitter. Twitter is now on the tip of every ones tongue. Twitter has established its-self as powerhouse and it happened very fast. What surprises me the most is that Twitter has now forced kids to be on constant alert of what everyone is feeling and what is happening in the news. Twitter is becoming more reliable for answers then the news and even search engines like Google.

What I think I would like to know more about Twitter would have to be how everyone is constantly on line Tweeting everyone all the time. I don’t have the time to keep up to date with what is new on Twitter and what is new in the world. I guess I need to  discipline myself to stay in touch with what is new and what is going on in the world. But I agree that Twitter helps many of our youth with constant current event knowledge.

I honestly have not been keeping up to date with any PR pros on Twitter. If I do use it I only Tweet my friends or if i have a question. I now know how important it is to utilize Twitter for the benefit of me and my future in PR.

You can find me on Twitter @carterjones



  1. Carter….
    “I honestly have not been keeping up to date with any PR pros on twitter.”
    haha man that rules. i just laughed so hard when i read that. glad to see you’re using twitter…kind of.

  2. Twitter is such a great tool! I’m glad you are enjoying it!

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