Posted by: cj00228 | February 16, 2009

Wag the Dog

       Wag the Dog gave a showed a clever but  corrupt side of  how public relations and our government works together. It showed me how much U.S. citizens trust their government and how easily manipulated we all are into believing that our government is looking out for the well being of every citizen. The power is in the hands of our media and the value orientation of the PR practitioner controlling that media, decides what we see and hear and ultimately decides what we believe is the truth.

     Robert Deniro, the PR practitioner in the movie, is a situationist where that he bases his decision on what would cause the least harm or the most good. For example, when he first receives the news about the president’s sexual situation, he weakens the situation about the girl scout and strengthens the situation about a war with a innocent country. Even though the war was made up to cover the president’s ass, the situation of the war effected to the U.S. citzens much more than the president fooling around with a Fire Fly Girl.

     The most obvious reason on why Deniro was unethical in the movie, would be the fact that the whole movie was a lie. He not only lied to the press, and government officials, he also was unfair to the audience watching and believing that the United States was at war and that their patriotism was true and honorable.

    The Government is a power figure in this country. And as U.S. citizens, we believe that the government has the power to do all things and is knowledgeable of everything. When sex scandal in the movie occurred the government could not handle it on its own and needed one man to fix the situation. The man, Deniro, represents the tail of the dog (the dog being the government).  Deniro was more knowledgeable about the situation and wagged  the government until the situation was resolved.

   I felt like PR was poorly represented in this movie. The most obvious stereotype would be that Public Relation practitioners are all involved with the government and help the cover up presidential scandals and fabricate war with poor Middle Eastern countries to cover up certain governmental screw ups. The movie negatively displayed how the government, Hollywood, and PR work together to control believes of the American nation. The movie was entertaining and interesting but PR  and the government was negatively depicted in the film.



  1. We got some of the same view points on the wag the dog. You have to admit it was pretty funny the way they blew everything out of proportion!

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