Posted by: cj00228 | February 4, 2009

The Era’s of Public Relations

It was interesting for me to learn more about a subject that I was still unfamiliar with. Public relations seems like a new work field but I have learned through class discussions that the field of public relations is not so modern. I learned that PR dates all the way back to the first press conferences of Teddy Roosevelt. It was interesting to learn that because of the fast advances in technology, led to a demand of an enhancement of the personal public image. Technology provided a face with a name  for the public to see. T.V. and movies werethe major platforms for a development of a public image. There for the public relation profession began.

    What surprised me the most about some of the information acquired about PR, was that women are the dominate sex of PR. I always imagined PR professionals to be a bunch of crusty old men who knew a bunch of other crusty old men and they were nice and could make you look good. But after reading about professionals in the field and seeing their faces and hearing their points of views on certain topics, it made me think of PR in new ways. PR is better the the news because it cleans up the messes and lies that many news networks feed to the public. And I respect the profession because just as good as a PR company can make you look good, they can make you look just as bad if necessary.

What intrestes me the most and what i would like to learn more about is the future of PR. Technology is moving at an incrediable rate and people recieve their information in so many different forms. I am curious to see what major communication sources lie ahead in just ten years from now. The possibilities are endless.


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