Posted by: cj00228 | February 2, 2009

My Experience with Twitter

     Being a big fan of Facebook and Myspace, it was hard for me to branch out into a new social networking system that I was very unfamiliar with. Twitter was uncharted territory for guy like me who’s day consist of football workouts in the morning, class until late afternoon, and finally some sleep. Not mention I have to eat some were in between. The aspects of my day hardly intrigue me, let alone someone else being interested in my boring schedule. I only check my Facebook maybe twice a day and I rarely have a new status (update) beside my name. So for me to join a social network that only consists of random updates through out the day does not amuse a guy like me. But when I ventured out side of just the assignment required for class, I began to see the importance of a network like this. There aren’t many fancy designs and cool hip songs. There aren’t any race car games or tagged photos. Twitter is a network for future communication in the business world. It allows college students to venture away from the simplicity and jargon of Facebook, Myspace, and even text messaging to establish contacts with real business men and women and formulate some kind of understanding of what the technology of the working class today. No longer is it mail, but E-mail. No longer is phone calls but text messages. And no longer is it wall posts, but blog posts. The way this genertation recieves its information has taken on new forms and new faces and the future training to prepare students for the new face and form of the working class is Twitter. 

Carter Jones



  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about our One Week of Twitter assignment. I’m glad that you see the power of Twitter for PR professionals.

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